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The jewel


Stars such as Erdgau and Harland Jr. shine in the club, making Norway, the declining Nordic powerhouse, once again appear in people's eyes. Especially Harland Jr., who played well in the Salzburg Red Bull and Dortmund last season for half a season, people are even more looking forward to the Norwegian star in the 2020 European Cup (although it is delayed due to the epidemic, it is still called the 2020 European Cup) Outstanding performance.

埃德高(Erdgau)和小哈兰德(Harland Jr.)等明星在俱乐部中发光,使逐渐衰落的北欧强国挪威再次出现在人们的眼中。尤其是哈兰德(Harland Jr.),上个赛季在萨尔茨堡红牛和多特蒙德效力了半个赛季,人们甚至更期待2020年欧洲杯的挪威球星(尽管由于疫情而推迟,但仍然如此)被称为2020欧洲杯)杰App下载出表现。

All these hopes will end in October 2020. Because in the semi-final game against Serbia in the C gear, Norway lost 1-2 to Serbia and lost the opportunity to play in Europe.


In the 20 years since the 2000 European Cup, Norway has missed the European Cup for five consecutive times and the World Cup for five consecutive times. So, how did Norwegian football arise? How far is Norwegian football today?


Football was introduced to Scandinavia from England in the 19th century and quickly became a popular sport among locals. However, unlike the warm Western and Southern Europe, the Nordic countries represented by Norway and Finland have cold and long winters, which are not suitable for the development of football. Therefore, the development of Nordic football has been very slow for a long time.


Norwegian football is the same. After entering the World Cup in 1938, Norway has long disappeared from the World Cup. After World War II, the dominance of Nordic football belonged to Sweden and Denmark for a long time, and it seems that Norway is just a running role.


The pace of time goes back to the 10 years from the 1990s to 2000, which is the 10 years when Norwegian football has completed its transformation. Under Olsen's leadership, Norway introduced corporal punishment and completed its rise. In 1994, Norway finally qualified for the World Cup. In that World Cup, they were in the same group as Italy, Mexico and Ireland. This time, Norway was eliminated with a goal difference.

时间的步伐可以追溯到1990年代至2000年的10年,这是挪威足球完成转型的10年。在奥尔森的领导下,挪威实行了体罚并完成了体罚。 1994年,挪威终于有资格参加世界杯。在那届世界杯中,他们与意大利,墨西哥和爱尔兰同属一个小组。这次,挪威以进球数被淘汰。

At this time, many players from Norway logged in to England and started a journey to England. Such as Manchester United's baby-faced killer, today's Manchester United coach Solskjaer; such as the old Harland, the father of the young Harland.


A warm-up match in 1997 completely ignited the enthusiasm of Norwegian fans. Because they beat Brazil 4-2. The Norwegians boiled over. They had never dared to hope to defeat an opponent before. This time, the Norwegians did it. In the 1998 World Cup in France, Norway again defeated Brazil 2-1 to qualify for the group.


That was the highlight of Norwegian football.


The 2000 Netherlands-Belgium European Cup was the last time Norway participated in the European Cup and the last time Norway participated in the World Series. Since then, with the old age of players such as Solskjaer, Norway gradually withdrew from the ranks of the first-class Nordic countries and became a World Cup spectator.


After Solskjaer, Liverpool's heavy gunner-Riise emerged in Norwegian football. He has written legends at Anfield Stadium (Liverpool) and the Olympic Stadium in Rome, but he has never led Norway to the World Series. For Riise and Norway, the 2006 World Preliminaries may be the most bitter experience.


In the 2006 World Cup qualifiers, Norway was in the same group with Italy, Slovenia, Belarus, Scotland and Moldova. In the end, Italy got through all the way and got the tickets for the 2006 World Cup finals in Germany. Norway beat Slovenia and Scotland to second in the group.


In the play-offs, their opponent is the Czech team at the end of the golden generation. In the end, Norway lost 0-1 twice and missed World Cup tickets with a total score of 0-2. For Riise and Norway, this is the closest to the World Cup.


10 years later, Norway and Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Malta are in the same group. In the end, Norway scored 6 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses, 1 point behind Croatia, and got tickets for the playoffs. In the playoffs, the opponent they drew was Hungary, which was no longer used in the past.


This time, in a close duel, Norway once again encountered Hungary's double play and was eliminated. Norway is only one step away from the 2016 European Cup in France.


For the third time, Norway was eliminated again in the match against Serbia. Three times a step away, the three Eastern European teams seem to be a hurdle that the Norwegian can't overcome.


The Viking Norway, who had been silent for too long, once again fell at the doorstep of the World Series. But this time, it was different from the previous two. In the first two times, people may be more optimistic and hope to see the final World Cup belonging to a series of Czech iron riders such as Nedved, Poboski, Smicer, etc., instead of looking at Norway.


In the 2016 European Cup qualifiers play-offs, Hungary and Norway are not the focus of attention. Perhaps, you only watched the European Cup and remembered the Hungarian long pants brother-Kirari.


But this time, it was different. Because of the players in the Norwegian team, two players impressed us. One is Erdgau. The teenager born in 1998 was once seen by La Liga giants Real Madrid. In 2015, when he was only 17 years old, he joined Real Madrid, which is exactly what Florentino affirmed his ability.

但是这次不同了。由于挪威队的队员,两名队员给我们留下了深刻的印象。一个是Erdgau。这位1998年出生的少年曾经被西甲豪门皇马看到。 2015年,当他只有17岁时,他加入了皇家马德里,这正是弗洛伦蒂诺肯定他的能力的地方。

However, in the star-studded Real Madrid, it is difficult for a teenager under 20 to get a chance. For this reason, he went out to exercise, just to accumulate game experience. Now that he has obtained a stable chance to play in La Liga team Real Sociedad, people are even more looking forward to the future of Erdgau.


The other is the young Harland, the son of the old Harland. The teenager born in 2000. After returning to the Austrian team Salzburg Red Bull in 2019, his performance was particularly eye-catching. In the 2019-2020 season of the UEFA Champions League, he scored 6 goals in three games against defending champion Liverpool, Serie A powerhouse Naples and Belgian team Genk, which is impressive.


Perhaps you think he can only abuse food in Austria. But the fact is not so. After playing for Red Bull for half a season, Harland Jr. logged into the Bundesliga in the top five leagues and joined Dortmund. After joining the Hornets, whether in the European game or in the league, Harland Jr. performed well.

也许您认为他只能在奥地利滥用食物。但是事实并非如此。在为红牛效力了半个赛季之后,小哈兰德(Harland Jr.)进入了德甲联赛前五名,并加入了多特蒙德。加入黄蜂队之后,无论是在欧洲比赛还是联赛中,小哈兰德都表现出色。

Especially when I scored a goal against Paris, I told people that I am not only abusive.


The appearance of Erdgau and Jr. Haaland has made the Norwegian football scene shine, and let people remember these stars. Today they have to take on a historical responsibility-leading Norway to a revival and reaching the European Cup.

埃德高(Erdgau)和小哈兰(Jr. Haaland)的出现使挪威足球界大放异彩,让人记忆犹新。今天,他们必须承担起历史责任,带领挪威复兴并进入欧洲杯。

In the semi-finals, facing Serbia, who was nearly as good as their own, Norway fell. Maybe you can say that the Norwegian lost in strength, because Serbia's various positions and competition experience are better than their opponents. Norway, but lost in the lack of a good defender, in contrast, Serbia has Kolarov. Perhaps, you can say that you lost to the state. Harland and Erdgau are not as good as the opposite Milinkovich. This is a factor of the state of the game.


Perhaps, you can say that you lost to fate. Because Norway's three steps away are all planted under the hands of Eastern European teams. But this time is different, because little Harland and the others have a future. In this manual of youth practice, youth is destined to pay tuition. There are too many unknown guesses about youth. As long as youth is there, there is a future. Youth grows in practice.


I wish the younger generations such as Harland, Oeder, etc., and hope that these people will experience the thrashing of the game to be stronger and lead Norway to create good results.


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